So much of our sensitive data is now being stored online, it’s no surprise that cybercrime is on the rise as hackers seek opportunity to make a financial gain through your personal info. Data breaches have long been a problem for businesses and individuals and criminals are ramping up attacks. The numbers are something for concern…

  • Ransomware attacks increased 37% in 2017, with 4,000 attacks occurring daily
  • Average amount demanded after a ransomware attack is $1077
  • 230,000 new malware samples are created daily – and predicted to increase in future
  • 1 in 131 emails contain malware
  • 81% of victims do not have a system in place to self-detect data breaches
  • 43% of cyber-attacks are aimed at SMEs
  • 6.5% of people are victims of identity fraud – resulting in people being defrauded approx. $16billion
  • Android is the 2nd most targeted platform after Windows
  • 90% of hackers use encryption to cover their tracks


The combination of these numbers and facts is a recipe that leaves a bitter taste. It is unsettling to say the least. However, there are ways you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a cyber attack. Whether you own a business and are seeking to protect your customer & business data or an individual just wanting to protect your personal credentials online, you can use the very thing hackers use to cover their tracks; ENCRYPTION.

Encryption technology is one of the key methods for protecting any data that is stored online. What started as simple code used over a telegraph in WW1, is now a sophisticated coded algorithm that allows data to be safely stored and transferred. Encrypted data is known as “cipher text” and can only be decrypted with a key or password. While encryption cannot protect against all cyber-attacks, the technology makes data theft a much more difficult task for hackers, reducing the risk of such an attack against you.

Still not convinced? Let’s run through the main benefits encryption provides…

Maintains Integrity

Hackers don’t just steal information, they also can benefit from altering data to commit fraud. While it is possible for highly skilled and technical individuals to alter encrypted data, recipients of the data will be able to detect the corruption, allowing for a quick response to the cyber-attack.

Secure Data At All Times

Encryption works when data is stored or transferred, making it an ideal solution no matter how data is being used. Usually, data is most vulnerable to attack when being moved from one place to another, therefore encryption ensures protection during this process.

Protects Privacy

Encryption is used to protect sensitive data, including personal information for individuals. Encryption therefore ensures anonymity and privacy, reducing opportunities for surveillance by both criminals and government agencies. The technology is so effective Encryption technology is so effective that some governments are attempting to put limits on the effectiveness of encryption.

Protection Across Multiple Devices

Mobile devices are a big part of our lives, and we often own several. As technology develops, more and more of these devices are joining the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon. Encryption technology can help protect data and sensitive information across all devices, whether being stored or even during transfer.

Part of Compliance

Many industries and businesses have strict compliance requirements to help protect the data of their company and their customers or clients. Furthermore. With GDPR fast approaching (May 2018), encryption can be an effective, proactive way to remain complaint with the new legislation.

At ClearCrypt we use this very technology to offer a product range to suit all needs and requirements. ClearCrypt offer a range of 256-bit Encrypted Storage Devices specifically designed to be robust, secure and cost effective.

The product range offers encrypted USB 3.0 super speed with a transfer rate up to 5GB per second, which is 10x faster than normal USB 2.0 Drives.

Privileged, confidential or sensitive data must be protected at all times from intentional or accidental loss and the ClearCrypt range of devices is designed to make this cost effective, flexible and easy to achieve.

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