Who are we?

An Irish Data Security Business Since 1987

ClearCrypt are an Irish (EU) based company developing encrypted storage solutions for a worldwide audience. The company is a brand of Renaissance Contingency Services, established in 1987 Renaissance has been a long term suppliers of IT Security Solutions.


Unprotected USB Drives Lost Every Year Globally


Of employees store company files on USB's


The amount of time it takes to steal your data


The average annual loss to companies worldwide

Why ClearCrypt?

Answering The Market Need

Being in the IT Security sector for over 30 years, Renaissance noticed a gap in the market when it came to encrypted storage devices. ClearCrypt was developed with the limitations of the competition and the needs of the market in mind.

With the average annual loss to companies worldwide now exceeding $7.7 million through data breaches (studied companies losing up to $65 million) (5), organisations must recognise the threat lost USB devices pose to confidential information. This is particularly important if they operate in highly sensitive sectors such as finance, health and public sector. Losing sensitive data is not an option. The after-effect of a data breach is difficult to predict...

Aside from the data loss, reputational damage, customer trust implications and legal issues following a breach will be much more difficult to rectify.

In our ever-connected world, an encrypted USB device is not just an accessory but rather a necessity. The ClearCrypt range caters for all your data storage requirements, is flexible and cost-effective.

Our Goal

To Make Travelling With Business Data a Secure Practice

Our Goal

To Make Travelling With Business Data a Secure Practice

The Ultimate In Encryption Hardware

With An Expanding Network Of Distributors

ClearCrypt is top of the game when it comes to hardware encryption with Leading security levels AES 256 as well as being built with USB 3.0, making it some of the fastest products on the market.

With Partners in Ireland, UK and Eastern Europe ClearCyrpt is continually growing and expanding.

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