Worried About Data Loss?

The Choice Is CLEAR.

With the average annual loss to companies worldwide now exceeding $7.7 million through data breaches (studied companies losing up to $65 million) (5), organisations must recognise the threat lost USB devices pose to confidential information. This is particularly important if they operate in highly sensitive sectors such as finance, health and public sector. Losing sensitive data is not an option. The after-effect of a data breach is difficult to predict...

Aside from the data loss, reputational damage, customer trust implications and legal issues following a breach will be much more difficult to rectify.

In our ever-connected world, an encrypted USB device is not just an accessory but rather a necessity. The ClearCrypt range caters for all your data storage requirements, is flexible and cost-effective.


Unprotected USB Drives Lost Every Year Globally


Of employees store company files on USB's


The amount of time it takes to steal your data


The average annual loss to companies worldwide

What our Products do

The Ultimate Travel Safe Data Storage Devices

Simply our products keep your data safe.

Our hardware system, means that there is no back door to your data.  You simply dial your own personal pin on the device's keypad  when you use it. It Automatically locks when you eject and is safe to travel with. If the device is lost or stolen, your valuable data is safe.





Travel with your data safely

View our range of travel-safe data storage products.






Travel with your data safely

View our range of travel-safe data storage products.




Key Features

10x Faster than normal USB 2.0 drives

Save time transferring files and running programs from your storage devices.

Encrypted USB 3.0

The most secure Encryption in the marketplace

Hardware encrypted (No Back Doors)

Software free means that your device is always safe when not plugged into a machine so you can travel easy.

Easy to use

Hardware encryption means the whole team can use the device with no training.

Easy to transport

Plug and play. Travels just as easy as your current storage devices.

Be Secure no matter where you are

Being software free means you can work offline and online safely no matter where you are.