Securing Data on the go with ClearCrypt

People in general, and knowledge workers in particular, always like to have a copy of their data files with them to access when needed. In the ultra-mobile world we now inhabit, many business people find themselves working at multiple locations within their home cities and beyond. The need to have access to the data they need to do their job means that many people backup their files to portable storage devices they can carry with them. Globally it is estimated that 35% of all employees store some data on a USB drive and that 20 million of these drives are lost every year.

Businesses and IT departments can set rules and impose restrictions on workers ability to copy data to portable storage, but in reality we know that it happens and people will find ways to circumvent any restrictions in place to make their jobs easier. Rather than trying to prevent the use of portable storage devices, a better strategy is to accept that people want them. And that its better for businesses and IT departments to provide portable storage that is secure by design. ClearCrypt storage solutions meet this business need perfectly.

ClearCrypt Solution Benefits

ClearCrypt provides a range of portable storage products that all have built-in hardware-based AES 256-bit encryption. The storage devices can’t be used without enabling this encryption by setting a pin code on the numeric keypad that all the products have. Once set, the pin code has to be entered when the storage device is mounted on a PC before any data stored on it can be accessed. When removed or dismounted from a PC the ClearCrypt devices auto lock, and the unique pin code needs to be entered again before they can be accessed.

The hardware encryption provided on each storage unit is much stronger and harder to bypass than software-based encryption that is sometimes layered on standard USB storage devices. This means that the ClearCrypt storage devices are secure enough to use with data from sensitive sources such as that generated in healthcare.

Having secure portable storage units available allows access to data in environments where access to the Internet is prohibited, or in areas with poor mobile network signal.

ClearCrypt Solutions

ClearCrypt provides a range of encrypted portable storage options to meet the secure storage needs of organisations. They include:

  • Encrypted USB Drives - small flash-based portable USB storage devices that can be used to replace the USB keys users tend to use for simple file transfers, but with hardware encryption and keypad access protection. Available in a range of capacities up to 32GB.
  • Encrypted mSATA Drives - the next step up from USB drives. These use mSATA SSD drives in combination with hardware encryption and keypad access control. These are designed to replace portable SSD drives securely and are available in a range of capacities from 64GB to 512GB.
  • Encrypted HDD Drives - for occasions where high capacity encrypted portable storage is required. Designed to replace portable hard drive storage while using hardware encryption and the keypad PIN access controls. Capacities range from 500GB to 2TB.
  • Encrypted External Hard Drives - many situations require the use of external hard drives with desktop and laptop computers. These external drives might never move from a user’s desk, but by their very nature they are vulnerable to unauthorised access or theft. ClearCrypt’s external hard drives are designed to replace traditional external drives with hardware encrypted devices that have all the security features from the other models including keypad based access. No unauthorised access to data will be possible if one of these drives falls into the wrong hands.

See the full product range at the ClearCrypt site.


Data tends to travel. Make sure your staff have the mobile storage they want to use, but in a secure GDPR and data security friendly way. Contact us today to find out more and discuss your needs.

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