Optimism bias is the belief that each of us is more likely to experience good outcomes than to experience bad outcomes. The key to this optimism is that we disregard the reality of an overall situation because we think we are excluded from the potential negative effects.

Imagine this, out of the blue your computer fails or is lost….what do you do?

If your only option is to get a new computer or hard drive and start again, would you be able to access all the data that was important to you, would you be sure the data lost is secure in terms of unauthorised access?

Okay, so you may have passwords set-up, you may have Google drive, Drop Box or other online storage but can you still access all your data, what about your work files, or documents you saved locally?

Therefore, backing up your data is paramount to business continuity and security. It saves the heartache of starting from scratch, prevents business failure and helps you remain complaint with current legislation. It protects your data, your business and your reputation!

What are you protecting against?

Malware Attacks

Malware is a broad term covering a range of attack categories including viruses, spyware, ransomware and adware, all of which can threaten your computer and the data contained within it. Depending on the severity of your computer s infection, data can be stolen, deleted or rendered inaccessible and your entire computer can become unusable. Backing up your data will allow you access to your valuable data even if you are hit with some form of malware attack.


Whether it’s an insider threat or a criminal off the street, data theft is very real and can potentially end your business. They can steal the hardware equipment or steal all the data on an external drive, delete the original copies and make off with a treasure trove of information. Either way,there’s not much hope that you’ll recover data from a computer that s been stolen. However, by regularly backing up your data on an offsite storage device will allow access to the stolen data if the worst was to happen.

Human Error  

Data loss is not always malicious in its intent, it can be accidental and caused by genuine human error. Someone may change or delete a file from the system by mistake and having backups will limit the damage caused. Accidents do happen.

Physical Damage

An office disaster, an accident or just simple wear and tear over time can wreak havoc on your computer. If you have a laptop, all you have to do is drop it and it may refuse to start up, requiring expensive repairs and the potential loss of data. However, if your data is backed up, you can easily move it all to a new device.



Sudden Failure

No one sees it coming, and that’s why it’s still a risk to your data. A computer can fail catastrophically, at any time for seemingly no rational reason. Having a backup on external drives will allow you to save and transfer data to new devices easily and efficiently.

How can ClearCrypt Help?

Privileged, confidential or sensitive data must be protected at all times from intentional or accidental loss. The ClearCrypt range of devices are designed to make this cost effective, flexible, easy to achieve and with speeds up to 5GB per second, they are 10x faster than the normal USB 2.0 drives.

We offer a range of 256-bit Encrypted Storage Devices designed to be robust, secure and cost effective while offering industry leading encryption and a product range to suit all your data backup needs and requirements.

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