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In the world of cyber security, it’s clear that the challenge will only get greater when it comes to keeping our data safe. The vendors in response will continue to develop solutions to make sure we stay safe and secure.

The benefits of taking control of your own personal data are clear, secure USB’s have developed considerably over the last few years. There are incredible advances in both storage capacity (The ClearCrypt storage capacity stretches to 8TBytes) and transfer speeds (Up to 5.0Gpbs).

There are also some other tangible benefits of a personalised secure USB's:

Our top 6 tips…

1. What's more portable than a laptop, smartphone or tablet? And yes, they are portable but not as much as a USB flash drive. Use it to run browsers & applications like Firefox, Chrome, OpenOffice, and many more, with just your USB flash drive, and a computer of course.

2. Reboot (clean) after a virus attack! There is free or subscribed rescue software that can be loaded on your USB drive, you can then scan infected computers for viruses and if all goes well, it can bring your system back to life.

3. Install and test-drive other OS -  Linux or Windows 8

I’m sure many of you are curious about upgrading operating systms or trying out new ones. So why not have a test drive first? It’s possible to have a go without overwriting your current OS.

4. Lock and unlock your computer with your USB

With quirky software such as Predator, you can turn your USB drive into a "secure key" that unlocks your computer when plugged in, and locks it when it's removed. An effective way to gain and prevent access.

5. Windows 7 on a MacBook - You can now access both operating systems, OS X and Windows, using a USB drive to install Windows on your MacBook. This is really useful for MacBook Air owners who need a workaround for the absence of an optical drive

6.  There are a variety of software tools available to maintain your Windows PC. Software such as Parted Magic, a neat piece of software that lets you carry out tasks such as resetting Windows passwords, clone your system, and partition your hard disk, right from your USB flash drive.

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