I’m sure you have all heard of the triple constraint or the Iron Triangle?

Basically it’s the combination of the three most significant restrictions on any product, service, or project;

·       Speed

·       Quality

·       Cost

Typically in the triangular model, if we desire products then there are constraints that form the sides of the triangle, with quality as the central theme.

These three constraints are interdependent: Theoretically, none of them can be altered without affecting one or both. E.g. if you we want to deploy a new IT system you must PICK TWO sides of the triangle, you can’t have all three.

·        Delivered FAST and CHEAPLY = Poor QUALITY

·        A QUALITY System that’s COST EFFECTIVE = Delivered SLOWER

·        A QUALITY System that’s delivered FAST = EXPENSIVE

This difficulty of satisfying expectations for all three constraints is sometimes expressed as pick two: the concept that in any set of three desired qualities, only two can be delivered.

Now the thing about rules are, there is always an exception!

We at ClearCrypt like to look at constraints as opportunities, and by doing this we have managed to achieve the perfect hat-trick.

We have been working hard to bring you, through our range of USB 3.0 storage devices;


·        We have worked hard to source the most cost effective components to bring you the quality you expect for less, guaranteed!


·        Each device is made from robust materials that look and feel great, providing secure data storage every time


·        With our USB range we can provide extraordinary transfer rate of up to 5.0 GBps

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