I’m not going to get all political, Or am I!?


...With the latest ban regarding electronic devices on airlines I thought I would share some insight:

First of all, let’s look at which devices are banned.

1.      Medical devices (and cameras on U.K.bound flights) will still be allowed in the cabin after security screening.

2.      Smartphones will still be allowed in the cabin. However, any electronic devices bigger than a smartphone must be checked in, either with your luggage or at the gate. That includes cameras, laptops, gaming devices and tablets such as iPads. 

I think we all kind of get this,  due to the very real threats that exist, but just look at the impact… additional  hassle, costs and overall disruption. The government is highly motivated and with all the resources at hand they can certainly enforce such a ban.

Although we only need to look at other examples such as “Alcohol” and prohibition in the early 20th Century America, a success? or a failure that only drove it underground? It’s hard to resist people power, pretty much every time something is banned, people will use their ingenuity to find a way around it!

Working in the IT Security space I see examples of “work arounds” all the time, whether that’s shared passwords, VPN’s to get around web restrictions and so on.

The perennial problem for IT teams and gatekeepers is keeping one step ahead, and one of those areas is USB drives/memory devices and the risk they bring to business in terms of potential data breaches. So why don’t we just ban them?

Well we could, BUT maybe there’s a better way, as the adage goes, if you can’t beat them, join them… with the continuing development of secure portable storage options such as CLEARCRYPT which offers an affordable, flexible, but most of all SECURE, solutions for users wishing to keep their data portable and their IT teams happy.

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